Abroad as an Ar.c.h..i..t..e…..

Who knows what I will be when I grow up?!  I’m always hesitant to bring up architecture with travelers since it doesnt feel like the right answer to that question and even if I wanted to call myself an architect that would be incorrect – although most people wouldn’t understand that.

So while traveling and meeting people, after the first few questions of:

– where ya from?
– how long ya traveling?
– where ya goin/where ya been?

The next question is:

– what do ya do?

The only time I feel comfortable discussing my “profession” if you can call it that, is once I am aware the other person is in the same field. Otherwise I try to avoid the topic or make something up… although I am pretty bad at lying. But its a good way to explore other career options, or at least playing the role to see if it how it feels coming out of my mouth!
The easiest career to try on is geography. I choose this because I enjoy being quizzed on geography and I like maps. It also is fairly broad and typical which will stop further questioning.
Some other believable options for me is graphic designer, conservationist, travel agent and engineer (where I pretty much explain what shane does).
Some other professions I would like to play with to see the sort of reactions I get would be mathematician, astronomer and model (which would be hard to keep a straight face).

I think traveling on your own is a great way to find out what you really like doing, whether true or false! And it seems that soon enough the same things keep coming out and you realize that’s what you want really want.

However I have met a few architects. I’m guessing only a few since most architects are responsible enough to keep their jobs rather than quit to travel the world!
The first guy I met was working for his buddy’s export company in Shanghai. He helps design the products before they are made and shipped to the states – kinda neat, but not for me….
The other encounter so far was a group of recent graduates traveling, some on their way to work in malaysia for a while – this sounds awesome!

I would love to work abroad again in any sort of professional career, even better if it was putting my degree to use! So I’ll have to look into that….