travel bag

What’s in my bag?

What few items can make travel so much easier?

Which travel gear do I never leave home without?

What are the best apps for traveling?

A few comforts from home, or the perfect gadget can make or break your trip. These items, apps and gear are my secrets to hassle free travel. You might know a few already, but read on to find something new, and let me know what your favourite travel things is if I missed it!

Favourite Things While Traveling

Foldable Back Pack or Hand Bag

My carry-ons are usually jam packed as I hate to check luggage, therefore I always pack a foldable smaller back pack that I use for day trips. I keep it small enough to only fit a sweater, camera and extra chargers as I tend to overpack otherwise. My go to is Longchamp’s as it is small and simple.

Eye mask, ear plugs & melatonin

If you know me, you know I fall asleep the second my eye mask goes on. It is the sleep switch to my body so I don’t go anywhere without it, and always have an extra one stashed in a pocket somewhere. I recently splurged on a silky eye mask that also covers your ears, and it has totally paid off! That along with ear plugs, a few melatonin and I am good for a 12 hour flight.

Comfy Walking Shoes

I am one of those comfortable travelers that won’t necessarily arrive at the airport in sweat pants but definitely won’t be traveling in heels. My bag is for packing the small things, so I usually wear my comfy sneakers on flights, or long haul travel. My Adidas boosts are super comfortable but I’ll also go for a classic pair of Converses since they go with everything!

North Face Backpack

Hiking, camping or backpacking islands, I have had my North Face Terra 40L Backpack for 9 years! I love the side open zip and comfy hip straps, and it seems just the right size for most of my extended adventure travels. For all the countries, weather and over packing, it has yet to break a zipper or loosen a seam.

Travel Scarf

A cozy pashmina or similar is my go to carry on item. As I am always cold on flights I use it as a blanket, pillow or back support and use it to layer up when arriving in a colder destination. I may have used it to tie my head to a seat while trying to sleep once or twice. Always handy.

Clear make up bag

Instead of using those free plastic bags at the airport as a make up bag for a week, like I used to, I actually bought a proper transparent make up bag that passes all those annoying airline policies. This way I don’t have to unpack at every security stop.

Reusable collapsible water bottle

I have gone through a lot of these, but I always try to have a reusable bottle on me rather than buying plastic. I tend to lose them once and a while, but after they have gotten good use. This was one of my favourites since it gets smaller when not in use, and the clip at the top stops me from losing it!


This is a weird one, but as a girl, it is quite annoying not to have shirts/pants/coats with proper sized pockets. So I have often resorted to sewing my own pockets on the inside breast of my jackets. They are incredibly handy, especially since I make them the exact size for my phone.

Favourite Travel Gadgets

Wireless headphones

Again, this is one thing that I tend to lose quite often so I have tried many different brands and am not necessarily loyal to one. I like the wireless option for everyday things without getting tangled, but also travel with a pair with wires for the plane. Am looking for some good noise cancelling over the ear ones though, so if you have a good pair, please let me know!

Fit Bit

I don’t even like taking my Fitbit off to charge it. The statistics are so addictive, I am especially obsessed with checking my heart rate and sleep stages. I currently have the Fitbit Charge 2, but am gravitating to a smaller model as I don’t like to be weighed down or for it to be so noticeable in all my photos!

Worldwide travel adapter

This is so handy as I always seem to forget to check the power plugs for countries before I arrive. This one piece adapter covers all the places I have been and it even has a USB connection. Once again after losing it multiple times, continue to rebuy it.

Favourite Travel Apps & Websites


My new favourite bank. It allows you to have multiple currencies, and if you don’t have the currency of the country you are traveling to, it takes the money out of the account that has the best exchange rate. Also super easy to transfer funds between friends and accepted everywhere! Sign up here.

Google Maps

You may use this every day already, just as I do, whenever my questions starts with “where”. But did you know you can save places and make lists according to each place? I love this feature as well as reading reviews. Follow my favourite restaurants in Malta or favourite places in Bali for next time you are there!

Trusted House Sitters

This one is specific for fellow pet owners. Whenever I travel and Mimi can’t come, she gets a sitter instead of going to a kennel. There is only a monthly membership fee, and the rest is all free! I have definitely gotten my money’s worth and love using them. Sign up through this link and get 25% off your first year!


Bolt is the Uber equivalent in many European countries, and I will use any one of them rather than risk getting ripped off by a local cab driver. The thing I like about bolt though is that in some countries they also have scooters as options for smaller trips – super fun!

Kindle App

I love reading and am always nose deep in a few books, and there was a time when I carried around the kindle but as I hate bringing additional cords and another device to charge, I resort to the Kindle App now. It isn’t as comfortable to read but I always prefer the hard copy when I can.


Kayak is the only flight comparison website and app that I use. I love all the filters, by layovers, time of take off, flexible dates and more.

Podcast Addict

No trip is complete without a podcast. I listen on short trips or long hauls, on my way to the grocery store, road trips or as I am waiting in line at customs. Not sure why I chose this app, but it is one of the most used on my phone and does not disappoint.

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