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Asia Round 2

Since my last blog entry almost two years ago, I have continued to travel through Europe and Canada, (and found myself in funny enough situations) but I think it may be time to document some of my stories and thoughts during my second trip to Asia. Some of my friends suggested continuing my blog after moving back to Canada as my previous job was a little on the uncommon side, but it is much more difficult to see the differences in front of you as you are living among them opposed to traveling through.
So now I have moved to India. I decided to study a Masters in International Cooperation in Barcelona and am now completing my internship with an NGO in Mumbai called SPARC. And although it might be more difficult to blog from a permanent location with routine activities, I can’t help but already draw similarities to previous travels and want to share some of the hilarious things that are happening all around me (or at least I find them hilarious). So I am not sure how long I will write for, or how often I will make an entry, but I do plan to do some traveling outside Mumbai and am using this blog as a means to reduce repeating my stories to family and friends and also to be able to look back on and remember what I good time I had – even if it might not feel that way now!