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Working in Wengen

I started this post two weeks after arriving in Wengen, Switzerland, and only now that I have left, 3 months later, have I had time to finish it – that’s how busy my winter was, but in the best way possible! Here’s all that I had time to write:
Since arriving in Wengen two weeks ago, I have been very busy working, with one day off so far and about 12 hours a day on average. However working here is really more fun than work as everyone is on holiday and wants to celebrate. Most people celebrate with shots and I am pretty sure the pain in my neck is from throwing back too many chupitos… kinda like taco neck but from shots, lol!
Yes, it is this breathtaking every day!
That pretty much sums up the rest of my winter too. About mid season, I met a friend and he said to me “your having a good season” and I wasn’t really sure what he meant, but by the end of the season I did. I was givin’er for four months, work, ski, work, ski, party, sleep, ski, work, party, ski, sleep… something along those lines.

This season was a little more relaxed and that made it all the more fun, I learned to ski (usually I snowboard), I thought my legs were gonna fall off (they didn’t) and most of all I didn’t care much what people thought.

As usual, the thing that sticks with me the most are the people I looked forward to seeing everyday, whether we worked together, skied or drank together (mostly it was all three!) and whenever I walked into their bar or they walked into mine I knew we were gonna have fun. I am not sure what will happen next year but I sure hope I get to see those people again soon!