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A brief stop in what the Chinese call heaven on Earth.  Located an hour South West of Shanghai, I was told not to miss its beautiful scenery on my way through the area.

The city is centred around a river and a lake, which are the major tourist attractions. I stayed right on the lake which is quite picturesque, full of small boats and surrounded by gardens, ponds, parks and canals. But coming from Canada, where we are spoiled with natural beauty and you are allowed to play on the grass and in the water, and it is not nearly as crowded, it was not as impressive as I expected. Its really upsetting that everywhere I have been in Asia so far, the grassy areas are fenced off and I get whistle blasted upon crossing them. I rented a bike to explore the lakeside only to realize that they are not allowed in the parks either. Wierd…
I am told the Emporers used to vacation here, becuase it is a short distance to the city and offers some tranquil scenery. However I would rather go to a more rural area to experience the natural beauty of the Chinese terrain…. Which is why I didnt spend long before boarding the train (on a hard sleeper bed) to Guilin, supposedly one of the most beautiful places in China!