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Monsoon Season In Mumbai

We knew it was coming… and even though people warned us we were excited to experience the monsoon and the transformation of the city that it brings. After being in the country for two and a half months without a drop of rain, the city is being stripped of the dust and grime that has caked itself on over the past 9 months. Trees are green again and streets are swept away of the usual debris. It is a refreshing and well needed cleanse that happens so intensely it has devastating effects.

It will rain for most of every day now for the next three months. This isn’t like the Irish drizzle, but a torrential downpour that feels a fire hydrant is exploding from above and as soon as you think it can’t rain any harder it does. I have been lucky enough to be working in the office or at home while the worst of it hits, but I can see from my window the flooded streets and flying tarps below. My boss told me to call the office before leaving everyday just to make sure it’s not flooded since it sits in a low part of the city.
The slum dwellers get it the worst, as their shacks and homes are rarely waterproofed and the areas they inhabit are usually at risk to flooding with poor drainage. I am a little amazed at how the street vendors and activities stay open and continue as usual, many people just power through it carrying goods and delivering services. Nevertheless it does let up for a minute or two every now and again, just enough time for them to make a quick sale and for me to get a taxi to shelter!