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How To Drive A Motorcycle in Cambodia

So I’ve written about driving in Cambodia already, but that’s just my daily commute on a little scooter. I’ve now gotten bored with that and want more speed and power so I’m graduating to the big leagues and ready to drive a motorcycle! Can you sense the danger lol?!?!
Some people might think that Cambodia is the worst place to learn to drive a motorbike but I think it’s one of the best since there are no rules here and lots of undeveloped dirt paths…. that’s right most roads arent paved so I’m going dirt biking!! Yeehaaaw!
The only problem is that I’ve asked everyone I know that drives a motorbike to teach me and of course they are always busy of course. Good thing I’m not one to wait around, and have decided to teach myself! So here are the steps I took of how to learn to drive a motorbike on your own in Cambodia.
1. Get up Monday morning and walk into the closest bike rental place (they are everywhere in Phnom Penh, and yes I will drive to work).
2. Ask to rent a dirt bike (driving on the road in Cambodia is pretty much the same as off roading if you count all the dust and potholes).
3. Tell the rental guy you dont know how to drive and then he says Ok, no problem, I will teach you in 5 minutes! (He wants the rental money so doesn’t ask for license).
4. He shows you where all the thingys are and you hop on for a lap in the pedestrian park.
5. Pay him and drive off into the sunset….. wait it’s only 8am and Phnom Penh is a mess of dusty rush hour traffic. First out on your face mask, sunglasses and helmet then swerve in and out of cars in whatever direction you feel like before driving on the sidewalk and dirt trails between the rice fields.


At least that’s what I did for my first trip…. drove to work that day, which was about an hour outside of town and only stalled it once!! I think it helped that I already knew how to drive a manual car and was comfortable with he flow of Asian traffic but I’m obviously a natural 😉
The rental guy is now my new best friend, I go back every weekday that I have to drive out of town and on the weekends to explore the countryside. I just might have to get a license after all!