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Worst Thing About India: Explosive Diarrhea

Just kidding! my digestive system has been handling India just fine, the worst part is the heat and the clothes I have to wear during it! Mumbai is the most humid place I have visited, or at least it feels that way. I could walk around in my usual summer outfit of short-shorts and a tank top but that would probably offend half the public and regrettably attract the rest. I stand out enough as it is being a white girl with blonde hair, so I am trying to blend in as much as possible by covering up like the locals do. However that means wearing long pants, long sleeves and usually a scarf in 35ᵒ+ weather!

I am starting to sweat in new places – the most recent being the inside of my elbows!
In my first weeks here, it was such a pain getting dressed since all the clothes I brought were too hot or too “scandalous” for India and incredibly difficult to get over my sticky body! At our home and office, as most places, there are only ceiling fans not air conditioners, which blow around the sticky dirty air (as well as all my papers at work). I can usually handle the heat pretty well, but having to concentrate in this humidity and work outside in the sun while dressed for Canadian weather doesn’t help!
And it’s only going to get worse! By the end of my time here it will be monsoon season which means hot and wet – I guess I just have to get used to it! In the mean time I have bought some Indian clothing since it is much lighter than my jeans and funny to look at. I haven’t yet figured out the sari, but the jumbo pants and kurti are fun because it feels like I am going to work in my pyjamas! 

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