My Life

  • Top Ten Travel Fails

    Travel never goes as smoothly as we might think. This is my confession list of travel fails from almost decade of global travel.

  • Why Live in Malta?

    Since moving to Malta, everyone asks me why? Why did I choose these islands to make my home instead of all the other beautiful places I have visited?

  • mimi the cat

    Mimi the Cat: Part 2

    Now that you have met my cat Mimi in Part 1 of her story, I thought it was time to fill you in on what happened next and how we became reunited. It…

  • Lauberhorn Race Wengen

    A Bartender’s Lauberhorn

    The Lauberhorn ski race is the longest and oldest track on the Ski World Cup circuit. It draws crowds from all over Switzerland and abroad and everyone loves it…. except the bartenders! I…

  • Cambodian Cat on Couch

    Mimi’s Story: Part 1

    When you are living abroad, there are many hectic things to deal with so it is nice to come home to a friendly face, but sometimes you aren’t living there with family. Many…

  • Packing for Unknown Destinations

    Sounds ridiculous right? How could you be going somewhere when you don’t know where it is? Well its true, and I have to leave now, and figure out the where later.   This…

  • Cambodian Electricity Bills

    I have been living in Phnom Penh a few years now and started to manage an apartment on Airbnb for my friend. I just took pictures and got it all set up on…