Coastline of Malta
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The Most Scenic Coastal Walk In Malta

What is the best coastal walk in Malta?

Malta has many amazing walks along the coast, but the most scenic in is from Golden Bay to Gnejna Bay on the Northwest shore. REad on to find out why!

Why hike in Malta?

Malta is covered in scenic landscapes with waves crashing up against the shore, but I had no idea of this upon book my trip (2 days before leaving). I was pleasantly surprised to find so many beautiful walks and such a vast terrain on the small islands. My plan was to escape the winter, do yoga in the sun, out on my terrace with a view and a cat, maybe a few laps in the pool and catch up on some work.

What is Malta like in Winter?

It turned out to be rainy and cold in when I arrived at the end of November, and my airbnb, as lovely and historic as it was, was colder inside than out. All these factors forced me into hiking sort of by accident. My house was chilly, it was too hilly to run and too windy to sit outside, so as soon as the rain stopped, I just started walking, and kept going for as long as I could or until it started raining again. I followed the tiny roads to the sea, or took little trails to ruins and lookouts, and I was warm and happy.

Is hiking in Malta nice during winter?

Malta is amazing, around every turn and bay, and street or hill was a whole new environment, micro climate, village, beach or something that looks totally different than where I was the previous 10 minutes. I had no idea such a small island could be so diverse and exotic, and the more I saw, the more I wanted to explore.

Now I didn’t go to every inch of the two islands, but this one area repeatedly took my breath away with each turn of my head. This walk is actually only about 3km long, but with all the stops you will take to admire the view and take pictures and explore, it took me all day to go there and back. It consists of 3 beaches, two outlook points, and about 5 different terrains, starting at Golden Bay Beach and ending at Il Gnejna Bay Beach. There’s also a ton of little inlets and coves that you can climb up or down into, and have a little beach all to yourself. The trail is pretty easy too, no steep climbing involved, you can actually drive to each beach entrance on its own, but the cliffs in between them is where it gets interesting…. just beware of the heights!

Where is the best hiking route in Malta?

I would encourage everyone visiting Malta to go check this spot out along with all the other coastal walks in Gozo and Malta. Bring a good pair of hiking shoes because many of the trails I took weren’t really trails at all, but the landscape is rocky and barren so its easy enough to make your way. 

The cherry on top is that after a good day walking up and down hills and around bends and bays, is that you are hungry and the Maltese cuisine is delicious, plentiful and well deserved!


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